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How to use trip builder guide?

Posted on Μάιος 21, 2023 by bikecar
Posted on Μάιος 21, 2023 by bikecar (Member Score: 0)

I am a new user of the site and have been trying to work out how to use trip builder on Windows to create a UK trip from Reading to Llandudno.
I have double-clicked the start and end points and a motorway route is suggested which is not what I want. I have tried to drag the route towards BBR routes but it won't drag and double-clicking elsewhere just creates more waypoints. I'm guessing that's not the way you're supposed to use it?
Are you supposed to double-click points from the start gradually towards your destination via the BBR routes where they exist - is that the way it's been designed to be used?
Also, what do the different route colours mean, if anything - is red "better" than blue or vice versa or is it road type or something else? I haven't come across any kind of map legend.
Some more detailed trip builder instructions would be very useful!
Thanks in advance for any help.

Posted on Μάιος 22, 2023 by rabbit (Member Score: 8753)

Hi there,

I made a short film explaning how the trip builder is best used, here is a link to that:

I hope you enjoy using BBR.

All the best


Posted on Μάιος 22, 2023 by bikecar (Member Score: 0)

Hi David
Thanks for the response. I had watched that video, but watched it again anyway and now I know the little details that I'm looking for it does answer most of my questions!

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