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Best motorbike bluetooth intercom

Posted on Απρίλιος 5, 2022 by Mr-brightside
Posted on Απρίλιος 5, 2022 by Mr-brightside (Member Score: 0)

Hi new on here and after some advice please
We are off around spain in July and we would like a better blue tooth headsets
The one we have doesn't allow to chat while the satnav is on
At present we us a tomtom 550 rider pro with bt interphone v6-1200
What's your intercom how do you rate it
Thanks phil

Posted on Απρίλιος 13, 2022 by Cuchulainn (Member Score: 0)

Currently, my wife and I use a Cardo Packtalk Bold set that we are using with our Garmin Zumo 595 GPS's

We have also had a lot of past experience with the Sena intercoms through the 20S Evo. Cardo has a lot of fans and ours has worked well, but I have to say that I actually prefer the Sena with the exception of one drawback. The Sena is water-resistant, but not waterproof like the Cardo and we have had some past issues with both the Sena 20S Evo and the older Sena SMH-10s and rain egress. Luckily the Sena's have mostly worked after drying out (We did eventually lose 1 after many years) but it is a drag when one quits working mid-ride.

Long story short, they are both excellent products, but if you want something that will be bulletproof rain, or shine, the Cardo tends to be a bit more reliable.

Posted on Απρίλιος 25, 2022 by black-k1 (Member Score: 0)

Our group use the Cardo Palcktalk bold. Great for bike to bike comms. Long (all day) battery life and good for setting up priorities so music turns off if phone or sat nav are in operation. My only issue with it is that for some reason, when using the voice commands, it doesn't understand the difference between a sneeze and the instruction "Hey Cardo! Radio on" as sneezing causes the radio to come on!

Posted on Ιούνιος 18, 2022 by LeighCBR1100XX (Member Score: 0)

Please do not confuse the SMH10, as mentioned in the above post with the SMH10R!

I have been using a Sena SMH10R for years, and still the are the best for connectivity and waterproofness. they have never failed, even in the most extreme downpour, being a completely sealed unit.
We tried - after 7 years of using the 10R's daily, to update. So we bought - and returned the following:

First the Sena 20's - not waterproof on a spray-laden motorway for even a short time. Not fit for U.K. riding purposes.

Cardo Slimpack next: great, except for the range. We did a line of sight test. A perfectly clear straight level road, they disconnected after only 0.2 mile! The 10R's will give you 0.5! With such a poor range this also was not fit for purpose and returned. (It may or may not have been waterproof - it was IP rated)

My friend is largely disappointed with his Sena 30kK

Cheap £30 equipment is, well, cheap and cheerful.

The SMH10R may not do everything that others do, but just how much do you need when riding. It will, incidentally, connect very nicely to a Sena Prism for recording AV movie of conversations with friends on the go.

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